Bags Just for You

Unique Bags

Bags you will not see elsewhere! Pocketbooks, beach bags, dance bags and makeup, just to name a few styles.

Custom Bags

If you do not see what you want, I can design a bag to your specifications.

Or if you see something you want but want it a bit different I can do that too.

Items for Your Kitchen

A variety of items...from reusable sandwich/snack bags to  microwavable bags to cook in to panhandlers. And so much more.  

How We Work

Choose an item

Decide on any changes you would want. Examples - different straps - zipper closure instead of button, etc. You get the idea. (note- some changes could result in a price increase or decrease but you will be told that up front).

Contact us

Let us know the type of fabric, any changes.  We will send you, electronically, fabric options to choose from. 

Close the deal

Item will be made to your specifications...just as you wanted it.   And no surprises.  You will know the final cost before your bag is made.